Anthony Muirhead

Life in Yachats

I like to think of myself as a father first. I have two wonderful daughters and they inspire me every day. I hope to be a part of a positive approach to city government that protects a future for all to enjoy.


I’m also an hotelier by trade and I have enjoyed great success in the Oregon Hospitality Industry. I grew up and worked on the Southern Oregon Coast most of my career. I also worked in Corvallis and Bend but the coast always called me back. In 2014 I moved to Yachats to serve as the General Manager at the Adobe Resort. The love and fellowship this community has shown my family in the last seven years helped drive me to serve the community.   

Approach to Being a Councilor 

I promise to listen and acknowledge any concerns brought to Council. I believe our first priority as City Councilors is to understand the needs and concerns of our community. 

It is my hope that my experience in business and customer service will promote a healthy relationship with the local community. It is my intention to be a staunch advocate for the local workforce, business, and volunteer community.  In short, I want to create an environment that honors the village’s vision to create a community that works for everyone.