Centralized Heat in Commons

Brief Description

Many visitors to the Commons during the 2019-2020 winter have noticed a chill in the air as several of the individual room heat pumps have been malfunctioning.  The Parks and Commons Commission asked the Facilities Manager to investigate options for repair and/or replacement.  The Facilities Manager learned that the units in the Commons were actually designed for residential use and recommended to the Commission that they upgrade to a commercial central heating unit with duct work to each room.

  1. Council Approves Funding

    At their February 19, 2020 meeting, the City Council approved the Parks and Commons budget request for $50,000 to a capital project to upgrade the Commons heating to a centralized system.
  2. Parks and Commons Request Funding for Commons Heating

    At their January 16, 2020 meeting, the Parks and Commons Commission moved to recommend to the City Council and Finance Committee that they allocate $45,000 to install a new, commercial grade, centralized heating unit in the Commons.
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