Leslie Vaaler

  1. Discovering Yachats
    Like many Yachatians, I discovered our town by good luck. The scenery captivated me and, as I met residents, I fell in love with the community. My husband and I purchased land in 2014, and we moved into our new home in July 2016. 

    Community Service
    Desiring to be an involved member of the community, I regularly attended City Council meetings and volunteered with the Yachats Trails Committee. My motivation to seek election to Council was a simple one. I loved Yachats, I planned to live here for the rest of my life, and I wanted the community to flourish. My term began in January 2019.

    The City Council is responsible for making policy decisions for the city. Issues are often challenging with competing needs and desires to be balanced. It is helpful to face our tasks mindful of the following basic tenets.
    • We are stewards of our village and its natural resources. The long-term health of Yachats must be prioritized. Council should work to make sure the city has ample reserves. We must maintain our infrastructure, protect our natural resources, and be aware of our continuing need for sufficient good-quality water.
    • Council must protect what makes Yachats special including its strong sense of community.
    • Yachats depends on its volunteers and welcomes the voices of all its citizens.

    A busy retirement
    I had a career as a mathematician. I am now retired, and in addition to serving the community, I enjoy pastel painting in my home studio, daily walks, cooking, gardening, reading, and sharing time with family and friends.

    Please contact me if you would like to talk.