Leslie Vaaler

Life in Yachats

I've been humbled to be your Mayor since January 2021. Previously, I served on the City Council for two years. Before I lived in Oregon, I had a career as a mathematician. I am now retired, and in addition to serving the community, I enjoy pastel painting in my home studio, walking, cooking, and gardening. My family and friends make each day special.


The City Council is responsible for making policy decisions for the city. It is helpful to face our tasks mindful of the following principles:
  • We are stewards of our village and of its natural resources.
  • Reliable water and wastewater services are fundamental, and we must secure these essential services going forward.
  • Discretionary spending must be carefully considered with ample community input.
  • We must protect what makes Yachats special, including its strong sense of community.
  • Yachats depends on its volunteers and welcomes the voices of all it citizens.
In each decision I make, I promise to consider your health, safety and well being.

Approach to Being a Councilor

I cherish our beautiful village and its people. Yachats is a community of heroes who share friendly greetings and help their neighbors. Their heroic deeds include tending flowerbeds, maintaining trails, and navigating emergencies. They care for children and pets, staff our food bank and library, and bravely work at shops, restaurants, and motels. They build and repair. Yachats heroes add beauty with their music and creativity, fight for justice and for our environment, and work to protect what makes Yachats special.  Please contact me if you would like to talk.  Thank you all!