James Kerti

  1. Professional Experience
    James Kerti works as a digital strategist helping online business owners build systems to get out of overwhelm and grow their businesses with ease.

    He formerly worked as a basketball scout and consultant with college and professional teams. He now teaches aspiring scouts, coaches, and analysts.

    Projects include research for bestselling authors, website design for nationally televised sporting events, and strategic planning analysis for award-winning executives at professional basketball organizations.

    Community Service
    Elected to City Council in 2018, he previously served on the Planning Commission and Budget Committee in the City of Yachats. He also recently volunteered with the Yachats Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Oregon Coast Humane Society.

    Hobbies & Interests
    A lover of cats, coffee, and books, he's at home on the Oregon Coast, where he regularly enjoys long walks by the ocean.

    Government is responsible for safeguarding the long-term interests of everyone in the community and nurturing an environment of inclusiveness in which people's needs are met.

    It means, first and foremost, a great deal of listening, especially to those people whose voices might otherwise go unheard.

    Key priorities include:
    • Protection of natural resources, especially water
    • Acting proactively and strategically to promote tourism while staying true to community values and needs
    • Promoting accessibility and inclusiveness for marginalized members of the community